In order to expedite the reviewing process, it is welcomed to submit manuscripts via E-mail in Word or PDF file.

Chang Gung Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Call for Papers

  1. This journal is biannual and published by the Center for General Education at Chang Gung University.
  2. We invite contributions from literature, history, philosophy, foreign languages (including TESOL), political science, sociology, economics, law, psychology, management, and education. Manuscripts in both Chinese and English are welcomed. Manuscripts submitted to this journal should not be under consideration by any other journals at the same time or have been published before. All manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two reviewers blind to the identity of the author(s), and the editorial committee of this journal reserves the right to make any necessary changes or corrections.
  3. For PhD and Master program students to submit manuscript, it is required to have a recommendation letter written by a faculty of the same research field, who has to have at least the assistant professor rank or above. The editor will not accept the manuscript if the recommendation letter is absent.
  4. Should any part of a submission require copyright authorization when published (such as pictures or quotations exceeding a certain length), please acquire written agreement from the copyright holder before submission. This journal will not be held responsible for the authorization required.
  5. In principle, the manuscript should be limited within 5,000-30,000 characters in length. The submissions should be made via e-mail with manuscripts in Word and PDF file, and the e-mail address is:
  6. All manuscripts will go through a peer reviewing process blind to the identities of the authors before their publication. Once the manuscripts are accepted by this journal, authors have to agree with the following use of the article by Chang Gung University:
    (1) The article can be published either in print or electronic form.
    (2) The article can be collected electronically, copied, downloaded, and viewed by the general public all through internet. The article can also be sold as part of an electronic database.
    (3) The article can be collected into different electronic database to provide service.
    (4) The format of the article can be altered in order to meet electronic database needs.
  7. Manuscripts accepted should conform to the style laid down by this journal and authors have to send in the copyright authorization form to the editorial committee.
  8. Manuscripts sent to this journal will immediately enter the reviewing process and be accepted only after obtaining approval from two anonymous reviewers and the editorial committee. The publication date is determined by the length of the reviewing process and the publication date of the journal.
  9. Please visit our website for related information about this journal and to download the submission guidelines. Our website address is: